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COVID-19 Detailed Strategy

Sanitation - Client-facing Mavro Worldwide Studio staff will wear PPE. - Door handles and any other surfaces that are identified as ‘high-touch’ will be cleaned regularly during the shooting day (unless shooting sound precludes studio access). - After each shoot our cleaners will sanitise all ‘high-touch’ points.* Hired-in equipment will be cleaned prior to arrival. - We will sanitise hired in-house lighting equipment given to us on a lighting list prior to the shoot. - Additional lighting equipment can be sanitised as it is used.* We ask that crew/clients arrives with their own PPE. - There are hand washing facilities located by the studio. - The building have installed sanitiser stations in the communal areas and we have hand sanitiser located around the studio. - We have a shower room for the use of all clients but we ask that people bring their own towels. - Communal areas are industrially cleaned regularly. Social Distancing - In the absence of industry guidelines (and we will update this as and when these are published) we will insist on adhering to 2m social distancing and where this isn’t possible PPE must be worn. - We will have to limit the number of people physically in the studio to only the essentials. - We have looked at our floor plan and concluded that a maximum of 12 people can safely be in the space itself – although the fewer the better. - White space - 4 people - Waiting Area 5 people - Kitchen - 1 person - Changing room - 2 people Drinks & Catering - We suggest that where possible one designated crew member uses the kitchen at a time. - We ask that all crew/clients bring a refillable water bottle, preferably clearly labelled with their name, to the studio.